About us

CFS Engineering is a consultancy company founded in August 1999, located in the EPFL Innovation Park (EIP) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The mission of CFS Engineering is:

To offer services in the Numerical Simulation of Fluid Mechanics and Structural Mechanics Engineering Problems

Numerical simulation of complex engineering problems is becoming increasingly important in product design, but requires highly specialized knowledge and tools. CFS Engineering has this knowledge and the tools to work with its customers to better understand the physics of complex engineering problems, with the ultimate goal of improving product design and/or performance. CFS Engineering is a Societe Anonyme (SA) with 2 share holders, Silvio Merazzi and Jan B. Vos.

Due to increased competition in the industrial market and increased environmental requirements, engineering products need to be produced cheaper, faster and better. Numerical simulation can contribute substantially to this process, as it is faster and cheaper than experimental or real model testing. CFS Engineering works closely with its clients to better understand their complex engineering problems using numerical simulation, with the ultimate goal of improving product design.

    CFS Engineering offers the following services:

  1. grid generation for fluid and structural mechanics problems
  2. computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations
  3. structural mechanics simulations in collaboration with SMR
  4. wind tunnel testing through RUAG
  5. CFD simulations for conceptual and preliminary aerodynamic design
  6. moving bodies simulations

CFS Engineering can tailor its simulation codes to suit specific client needs. Available computer resources at CFS Engineering are two linux clusters with a total of 120 cores.