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Master Project / Internship

Title: Conceptual aircraft design: from data to flight simulation

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Stating in: August/September

Field: Aerodynamics / Flight mechanics / Stability & Control


We are looking for a motivated mechanical engineer (or similar field) to develop a Python based module which should, in a fist step, evaluate the stability and controlability of an aircraft. Then, those data could be converted into a flight dynamics model which allows to use the aircraft in a flight simulator (Flight Gear).

This Stability and Control module will be integrated into the Conceptual Aircraft Design tool: CEASIOMpy. Aerodynamics database could be created with different methods: Vortex Latices Methods (Tornado), Euler calculations (SU2) or Navier-Stokes calculations (NSMB).

Skills and competences

  • Interest in aircraft design
  • Understanding of aircraft flight mechanics (stability, controls)
  • Good coding skills in Python (and if possible C++)
  • Ability to work on Linux environment
  • Knowledge of XML format is a plus
  • French and English

If you are interested send us your CV