NSMB is a structured Multi Block Navier-Stokes solver which has been developed since June 1992 by a CFS Engineering and several other university and research establishment.

B2000 ++ is a Finite Element problem solving environment made primarly to analyze the behaviour of structures. B2000++ can predict with a high degree of accuracy the deformation field, the stress field, the buckling behavior, and the temperature distribution of many thin- and thick-walled, metallic and laminated composite structures. B2000 ++ is developed by the Swiss company SMR which collaborate actively with CFSE.

CEASIOMpy application is a Conceptual Aircraft design tool. It was developed within the frame of the SimSAC (Simulating Aircraft Stability And Control Characteristics for Use in Conceptual Design) approved for funding by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological. The SimSAC project aims at significantly enhancing CEASIOM functionality by introducing software that initially focuses on rapid low fidelity analysis, and as appropriate, resort to higher fidelity numerical simulations.